Knowledge Transfer provides end-users with global access to our vendor neutral education and strategic consulting services through our partner programs. If we teach our customers effectively, then they will be better customers. If we provide vendor neutral design services in the context of a complete solution, then clients accomplish their goals. In doing this, we succeed.

As a partner, you can engage with Knowledge Transfer at the level of risk acceptable to your organization. By managing risk we insure both quality and independence. Agreements exist for both education and professional services. There are three levels of interaction: Referral, Reseller and Distributor. As a representative company, you can refer into our offerings, being paid a commission. As a reseller, you can sell offerings directly, maintaining an independent schedule; where appropriate, your staff can certify to offer the services. In a few cases, we establish regional distributors. Today, there are four (4) distributors, fourteen (14) reseller partners and select referral partners. Please note that some of our services are limited to representative relationships to help our mutual customers maintain their governance rules.

Partner countries for education and services include: