Abstract: Storage Security, A Practical Approach

Many enterprises face the task of implementing data protection and data security measures to meet a wide range of requirements. The risks and threats are real; it is just a matter of time before you become a statistic. It is easy to say, follow the best practices, it is another to apply them. Now, FC-SP (Fibre-Channel Security Protocol) is something we will need to apply; it will change how we do our work.  What will it really take to implement a secure storage infrastructure? What upfront work is required to implement security? What is the ongoing work to insure that the storage infrastructure is secure?


This technical session works from a case study focusing on the efforts required at the storage layer to create a successful defense-in-depth strategy, with special emphasis is the process of implementing FC-SP. Major threats for each of the key storage element are explored. The session provides information on how to determine the security posture of these elements in a particular installation. However, be aware that the session leverages material contained in the SNIA-SSIF whitepaper: An Introduction to Storage Security. This enables the session to expand further on these concepts.


After completing this tutorial, you should be able to:

Presented by LeRoy Budnik, CEO of Knowledge Transfer, an Information Systems Auditor, Chairman of the SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum and one of the foremost authorities on data security. His practical approach to the latest in storage security trends, including legislative and standards efforts includes steps you can take to keep your data safe.