Abstract: The Secret Sauce of ILM (the Professional Services ILM Assessment Core)

Professional Services and internal consulting figure prominently in the success of ILM transformations. Yet, in the midst of success, there can be the sense of hitting the ceiling, a limit, a barrier that you cannot pass. A time-based path allows you to remove the barriers. The path negotiates requirements, capabilities, practices, and maturity. This is the core of the ILM consultative process. It is a blend of techno/business skill, architect-client relations and selecting the appropriate methodology.

What is the goal?

  • To create Storage Services as a collection of components provided in support of business processes perceived by Customers and Users as a self-contained, single, coherent entities at lowest cost.

In this session, we focus on the Core of ILM consultative process: the measurement of maturity vs. information disciplines. This core is the foundation of most assessment methodologies. We also consider the assessment strategies that work best at various entry points of maturity. As a customer, when you understand both the process and strategy, you can choose the best strategy for your company today. However, because ILM is a way of life, you will choose a different strategy tomorrow.

This may sound dry, but it is the secret sauce of the industry.

After completing this tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Understand relationship of maturity to information disciplines

  • Identify key ILM disciplines and process in the context of their execution in the infrastructure

  • Determine the most effective ILM assessment strategy for a given scenario

Presented by LeRoy Budnik, CEO of Knowledge Transfer, an Information Systems Auditor, Chairman of the SNIA Storage Security Industry Forum and one of the foremost authorities on data security. He has directed and performed storage assessments since 1997. The ILM assessment methodology he authored is the foundation of many of the major vendor ILM assessment offerings.