Abstract: The Storage Capacity Design Dilemma

As architects, we must continually discover capability limits, constraints, and patterns and match requirements, capabilities and cost to provide an effective design. When we add the business requirements, it becomes the core mantra of ILM. Yet translating these requirements into hardware and software is not easy. In the process, we must continuously choose between complex alternatives, some of which seem equally unacceptable, and hence the dilemma. In this session, we will introduce fundamentals of storage infrastructure design from the perspective of ILM requirements and ITIL best practices. We will introduce key formulas, the science of storage capacity planning and follow a case study to demonstrate application in host, fabric and array design, to meet the requirements. The dilemmas of design decisions clear up once you know the formulas. It will change your thinking.

In this session, we present the process of developing a storage capacity plan and the decisions required to be scalable over time. The formulas and decisions are non-trivial. This session considers the facts and then develops them in a simple case study. Our goal is to prepare you to develop your own, ITIL based, storage capacity plan.

After completing this tutorial, you should be able to:

Presented by LeRoy Budnik, CEO of Knowledge Transfer, an Information Systems Auditor, Chair of the SNIA Storage Security Track and one of the foremost authorities on ITIL methodology applied to the development of storage best practices. His practical approach will keep you employed.