IT Service (ITILv3):    A Service provided to one or more Customers, by an IT Service Provider. An IT Service is based on the use of Information Technology and supports the Customer's Business Process. An IT Service is made up from a combination of people, Processes and technology and should be defined in a Service Level Agreement.

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IT Service (ITILv2):    A set of related components provided in support of one or more business processes. The service will comprise a range of Configuration Item (CI) types but will be perceived by Customers and Users as a self-contained, single, coherent entity.

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IT Service (ITILv1):    A set of related functions provided by IT systems in support of one or more business areas, which in turn may be made up of software, hardware and communications facilities, perceived by the customer as a coherent and self-contained entity. An IT service may range from access to a single application, such as a general ledger system, to a complex set of facilities including many applications, as well as office automation, that might be spread across a number of hardware and software platforms.

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An IT Service is an abstraction of the underpinning capabilities described relative to the perspective of the Customer.