Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) (ITILv3):    The average time taken to repair a Configuration Item or IT Service after a Failure. MTTR is measured from when the CI or IT Service fails until it is Repaired. MTTR does not include the time required to Recover or Restore. MTTR is sometimes incorrectly used to mean Mean Time to Restore Service.

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Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) (ITILv2):    The mean elapsed time from the occurrence of an Incident to the restoration of service.

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It is interesting to see how need for greater detail has changed the definition over time. In the original use of MTTR as described by Deming and Juran, the question: "When is it repaired?" would be answered with: "When it works!" and this would be more consistent with the ITILv2 definition.