Performance (ITILv3):    A measure of what is achieved or delivered by a System, person, team, Process or IT Service.

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Performance (ITILv2):    A measure of attainment achieved by an individual, team, organization or process.

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See also:

Accounting Center (measuring financial performance)

Balanced Scorecard (an aid to assessing organizational performance by customers, internal process, learning, growth and financial)

Business Unit (segment performance)

Capacity (capability of a system or component)

Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement (organizational)

Contract Managers (monitoring supplier performance during the contract term)

Estimation (modeling the performance of a specific scenario)

Iterative Activities (day-to-day management of performance)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Malcolm Baldridge National Award (performance excellence)

Modeling (predict the performance and availability of services)

Performance Management

Quality Assurance (against specified tests)

Record (as evidence)

Scalability (as a measure of a service's ability to increase or decrease in performance and cost in response to changes in throughput or demand.)

Service Capacity Management (performance of current services as related to service targets)

Service Level Objective (measurement)

Tuning (changing parameters of a device or system)