S10-209: HyperTestPrep Workshop for S10-101 and S10-200 Exams 

Course Summary

This workshop prepares the experienced storage professional for both the SNIA S10-101 Storage Network Foundations and SNIA S10-200 Storage Networking Management & Administration Exams. It reviews each knowledge area of the exam and provides instruction where required. Note: S10-101 replaced S10-100 in April 2007.


Many experienced storage administrators say, "why do I need to certify, I work with storage every day." Some fear that someone will know if they do not get a perfect score (this is because to be a good admin, you have to be a perfectionist - although your cubical may not appear to be the home of a perfectionist.) So, we made this course for you. We will check what you know, and fix what you don't know in a way that will prepare you for the test, without teaching the test. In two days of your life, you will get the credentials you deserve.

Full Course

SNIA S10-101 Storage Network Foundations (current)
SNIA S10-200 Storage Network Management & Administration (current)
SNIA S10-100 Storage Network Foundations (retired)

Expected Outcome

Pass both S10-101 and S10-200 Exams


2 full days

Delivery Modes


Instructor Led - AU$1,995.00, NZ $2,495.00, US$1,595.00 (subject to change without notice)


5% advance registration discount, 21 calendar days before session start date.

5% SNUG End-User Member discount (see definition)

Special Offer(s)

SN2751 - SNIA Australia/New Zealand Certification Discount - Provides on Prometric voucher (US$100 value,) valid for sessions in Australia and New Zealand. Note that Prometric test vouchers expire without renewal. The voucher will be good for at least 90 days after presentation to student; there is no guarantee implied or promised that expiration will be longer than 90 days.


Details of Offering

The purpose of this workshop is to help you, the storage professional, quickly prepare for certification. We avoid what you already know and focus on what you need to know to pass the 100 and 200 level exams. Unlike the structure of a traditional instructor led course (Lecture, Apply, Validate) the exam prep sessions are inverted and optimized. We start with a practice test question, response and answer. This is followed by interactive discussion to fill in the found gaps, referencing the study guide as required. Where there are no gaps, we do not follow the remediation path. Therefore, these sessions are only for experienced persons, with something to prove in the market place. The content of both exams is integrated during the workshop, however, written, post session feedback will site exam specific study recommendations.


Students will:

The person with the highest score (and shortest time to answer, if there is a tie) will receive a 500 GB USB 2.0 and 10/100 Rj45 Ethernet shared storage hard drive.

Student will not receive copies of practice test question (these will be considered closed book; they may take notes during the session, but not copy the questions. The questions are similar to the exams, but not the actual exam items.) As the primary language for this offering is English and the regional language is English, the use of recording equipment by students will not be permitted; the session will be recorded by the instructor for the limited purpose of enhancing the practice test items and content.

Session will be from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM with 30 minute lunch and 10 minute breaks on the hour. Box lunches will be provided. Cell phones and other communications devices that ring, buzz, beep or otherwise during session will incur a $10 donation fee to ___________________ local charity. Laptops are also not permitted during the session. (We want you to be focused.)


The instructor for these sessions is a practicing storage consultant with twenty-seven years in ICT and nine years in storage. He was the lead writer of the SNIA Certification Blueprint and Exams, being awarded the SNIA volunteer of the year award for his work.

After this course, we want you to consider taking the full Technical Assessment, Planning and Design, for storage consultants, to refine your skills. While we offer a short test prep workshop, we believe that it is in the best interest of your career to take the full course because the world is full of credentialed people who cannot execute - it will change your thinking.

Course Contents

The primary objective of this course is to balance out your existing skill set by covering all topic areas required for the SNIA S10-100 or SNIA S10-101 Storage Network Foundations and SNIA S10-200 Storage Network Management & Administration Exams. Discussion includes Concept, Protocols, Implementation, Management, Administration, Performance and Security for each technology including:


Practicing, Experienced Storage Professionals including Customer Storage Administrators, Pre-sales Engineers, Product/Field Support Engineers, Systems Administrators, Technical Consultants, Systems Integrators, Storage and SAN Architects. If you are not working with storage, this course is not for you. If you are just trying to pass the test without hands on field experience, you will be hopelessly lost, want you money back (which we won't give you because we warned you) and then you will know that we were right when we said that this course is not for you.

A basic level of IT literacy including at least six (6) months experience in IT and/or Storage Networking Operations. Advanced computer skills and knowledge in at least one operating system. Technical skills as a team member to develop complex solutions. A course specific non-disclosure agreement is required to attend this course.

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Examinations leading to SNIA CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL (SCP) are held on all continents. The SCP credential is undergoing an update to SCP 2008 in April 2007, associated with release of the S10-101 Exam. During the two months following release, candidates completing the S10-100 Exam will tentatively be granted SCP 2008 status. Possession of this certificate is mandatory for all candidates who wish to reach 'full certification' as a SNIA CERTIFIED STORAGE NETWORKING EXPERT.


Examinations leading to SNIA CERTIFIED SYSTEMS ENGINEER (SCSE) are held on all continents. Possession of this certificate is mandatory for all candidates who wish to reach 'full certification' as a SNIA CERTIFIED STORAGE NETWORKING EXPERT.

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