What is a Knowledge Transfer Original Curriculum?

We (Knowledge Transfer) are the original authors of course materials bearing these words and/or this stamp.

Our curriculums are collections of related courses, in special fields of study. The origin of the term "curriculum" comes from the Latin word that described a race-course. Every race has a goal, and the goal of our curricula is to develop the mature IT professional within their special field of study. The paths of the race are the series of knowledge, actions and experiences (internal and external) that guide development to maturity. We use a combination of experienced professionals and instructional development techniques to develop the path. For any given curriculum, our approach is both spiral and tycoil. Using the spiral approach, courses in the curriculum revisit subject matter at different content levels or perspectives. Using the tycoil or constructivist approach, we actively engage with the subject, learning by discovery and experience. Yet, developing an ability to imagine or envision new infrastructures or best practices in response to requirements is held equally important to the ability to execute.

Some of our courses are aligned with external authoritative bodies, e.g., ITIL or SNIA Certification. Where possible, we are actively engaged in the formation of the minimum curriculum requirements, and examinations. In all cases, we exceed the minimum requirements. In the case of information storage, our curriculum initialized in 1997 and owing to the spiral approach, it is in it's 4th rewrite. The rewrite takes into account more than technology change, it includes changes in the way that people learn.

We choose to control our curriculum rather than giving it up to other organizations, because it is the only way maintain quality.

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