Please visit us at the following conferences:

SNIA Cloud Summit (at the SNIA Winter Symposium)
St. Claire Hotel
San Jose, CA, USA

Cloud Computing Conference
Cloud Camp
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Storage Networking World (Exhibitor, Training Partner)
Hands-on Labs: FCoE, Security, Virtualization
Test Prep Workshops for: S10-101, S10-201 and S10-300
Orlando, Florida, 2009
05-April-2009 to 09-April-2009
Storage Networking Tour 2009 Canada - Vancouver (Keynote, Exclusive Training Partner, Exhibitor)
Vancouver Convention Center
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Storage Networking Tour 2009 Canada - Calgary (Keynote, Exclusive Training Partner, Exhibitor)
Telus Convention Center
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Storage Networking Tour 2009 Canada - Ottawa (Keynote, Exclusive Training Partner, Exhibitor)
Hampton Inn, Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Storage Networking Tour 2009 Canada - Montréal (Keynote, Exclusive Training Partner, Exhibitor)
Palais des Congres de Montreal
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Storage Networking Tour 2009 Canada - Toronto (Keynote, Exclusive Training Partner, Exhibitor)
Toronto Congress Center
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
World Conference on Disaster Management (Training Partner, Exhibitor)
Metro Toronto Convention Center
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 21-24, 2009

Past Conferences: 2008, 2007, 2006