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Storage decisions are critical to most organizations. These decision points are an opportunity to organically understand the information flow of the business. Storage events often enable server consolidation and high availability configurations. Scenarios include, but are not limited to increasing data requirements driven by normal growth, new, or expanding application, regulatory requirements, business acquisition and technology refresh. It may also include consolidation of diverse server and storage infrastructure.

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We started with a concept called "Storage Service Managementâ„¢," in 1997. Major storage industry players saw that their customers liked our approach and before long, we were teaching industry leaders, while designing multi-petabytes infrastructures. Today our approach has an industry title: "Information Lifecycle Management," or ILM. Those who coined the phrase in some way are our children. It all stated with the idea, a commitment of discovering real concerns of IT customers and users that preceded development of vision, strategy and path.


Many people do not believe that any ROI promise can be achieved, particularly from ILM. To attain these goals requires a common process. We learn the business infrastructure requirements and then perform gap analysis in the context of best practices. As experts in assessing complex systems and conceiving business interactions with IT, Knowledge Transfer then integrates ITIL (pronounced it eL) based service designs to improve business touch points while architecting physical infrastructure.


Our customers have said about our work: "Thank you for building the future in."